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Refrigerated Truck is designed to carry some Freight on specific temperature. It maintain the temperature and keep your goods cold. In these days Refrigerated trucks have contributed to a network of growing delivery markets. They are perfect in field of delivery product in company or Business.

We can custom made your refrigerated truck and install cooling system that can keep your things on specific temperature.

Cooling system temperature range from -25 degree to +25 degree

Insulated Box size from 10 feet to 21 feet.

-25°C Ice and ice cream
-18°C Deep frozen foods
-12°C Egg products, offal, rabbit, poultry and game
-10°C Meat

+2°C Fresh fish (in ice), crustaceans and shellfish (excluding live ones)
+3°C Cooked dishes and prepared foods, pastry creams, fresh pastries, sweet dishes and egg products
+3°C Meat and cooked meats pre-packaged for consumer use
+3°C Offal
+3°C Poultry, rabbit and game
+4°C Non-sterilized, untreated, unpasteurized or fermented milk, fresh cream, cottage cheese and curd
+6°C Milk for industrial processing
+6°C Cooked meats other than those which have been salted, smoked, dried or steri-lized
+6°C Chilled eggs in their shells
+6°C Butter, soft or blue cheeses
+7°C Meat
+4/6°C Fresh fruit and vegetables
+4/6°C Flowers

Body Length

1 ton ( 10ft, 12ft, 13ft )         - FUSO FE71PB

5 ton ( 14ft, 17ft, 20ft, 21ft )  - FUSO FE85PE , FUSO FE85PG


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