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Mitsubishi Fuso Arm roll roro lorry.jpg


Roll on/off Truck can haul many types of bins or containers. This can significantly cut costs for contractors, municipalities and others by reducing fleet sizes.

Containers for hooklift trucks provide convenient, ground-level loading and unloading of materials.

Hooklift-equipped trucks can easily position containers when you drop them off.

Recommended Chassis BDM 7500kg

FUSO FE85PE6SRDG3 ( Wheelbase 3350mm )

FUSO FE85PG6SRDG3 ( Wheelbase 3850mm )

Recommended Chassis BDM 18000kg

FUSO FM65FJ ( Wheelbase 4620mm )

FUSO FJ1828R ( Wheelbase 5100mm )

Lori Fuso Cargo

General Cargo

Lori Fuso Box
Lori Fuso Freezer Chiller
Lori Fuso Tipper
Lori Mitsubishi Fuso Crane cargo
Lori Fuso roro
Fuso food truck
Fuso AluminiumTop
Fuso Towing Truck
Fuso Curtain Sider Truck
Fuso tanker truck

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